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Suggested packing list for winter in Norway

  • Wool socks (several pairs, both thick and thin)

  • Hat, buff, mittens/gloves

  • 2 sets of wool base layer

  • 1 warm sweater

  • Winter jacket and pants. Make sure it is wind and water resistant. 

  • Small backpack

  • Winter boots

  • Indoor shoes 

  • Indoor clothes for relaxing

  • Swimsuit/shorts and beach towel

  • Water bottle and thermos for hot water

  • Toiletries

  • Personal equipment, medicine etc. 

  • iPad, laptop and/or cell phone if wanted. At Norgesskolen students only use phones/tablets during the daily "communication hour" from 5-6pm local time. More about this here.

  • Pocket money/credit card


  • Athletic sunglasses

  • Camera (you may use your phone)

  • Cross country ski boots (may be borrowed)

  • Skates (may be borrowed)

Please label your belongings.

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