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Practical information Norgesskolen

Packing list

Click here to see a suggested packing list.


Contact with students

At Norgesskolen students may use their cell phones and tablets during the daily “Communication Hour” from 5pm to 6pm local time. You can call your children during this time. In case of large time differences, we will arrange for the students to call at other times. Our staff can assist students in sending e-mails or messages home. We recommend that students have their own email address - and it is an advantage if they know how to send e-mails. We would also like to advise you to set up Facetime, Messenger or Skype for your child prior to traveling to Norway.


If your child is too young to own or use a cell phone, we can arrange Teams or Facetime sessions with one of our staff from Norgesskolen’s account.


The students may use their laptops or tablets during certain Norwegian classes.


Contact with staff

Kristine Dehli is the primary contact for parents and other family members. You may call +47 48 15 11 45 or send an e-mail to


We will create a closed Facebook group for parents/guardians and family. In the group we will post pictures and daily updates, so that families back home can see our everyday activities.

Meeting time and place

Each year approximately 80 students attend Norgesskolen. To coordinate logistics we will need information regarding the students’ travel arrangements. We will provide a form for additional registration.

We kindly ask you to choose one of the following means of transportation:

  • Private transportation: Parents/relatives provide transportation for their child to Sagavoll.

        Students should arrive at Sagavoll between 3pm and 5pm.

  • Bus transportation from airport:  Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Sagavoll.

         Please plan to arrive and be ready for departure by 1.30pm at the latest. The bus to Sagavoll will depart at           2pm. Two representatives from Norgesskolen wearing Norgesskolen t-shirts will meet the students just                   outside customs in the arrivals hall.

  • Bus transportation from Oslo City Centre: Departure from Thon Hotel Opera right by Oslo Central Train Station (Oslo S). The bus will depart at approximately 3pm.


Norgesskolen has a back-up plan for delayed flights, information to come.

If the student is unable to arrive within the suggested period, please contact us at

Closing Event and departure

On the last day of Norgesskolen we invite parents, family or friends to participate in a wonderful closing event with the students and staff. The event will begin at 10.30am and we will be serving lunch afterwards. It is understood that not all students will have family present at this event. Those who are able to attend will then leave with the student after the event.

Personal transportation: Students should expect to leave by 12.30-1pm.

Transportation to Oslo Airport Gardermoen:  There will be bus transportation available for student leaving from the airport. The bus will be arriving at OSL Oslo Airport Gardermoen by approximately 3.30pm. 

Transportation to Oslo City Centre:  There will be bus transportation available for students heading back to Oslo city centre. The bus will arrive at Thon Hotel Opera by Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) at approximately 4pm. 



Lice are unpleasant but natural among children in summer camps and schools. Lice transmit extremely easily; everybody can get affected and there is no shame connected to it in Norway.


Important actions to prevent lice at Norgesskolen:

  • We strongly advise you to check your child for lice prior to travelling to Norgesskolen

  • If the student has been so unfortunate to have lice during the last two months, we ask you to treat the student before arrival

  • We will check all students for lice at arrival and before they start using their beds

  • We appreciate you having a talk with your children about lice

  • Norgesskolen outsources lice treatment to a local hair dresser. Invoice for the treatment costs is to be covered by parents/guardians.

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