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We are now accepting registrations for Norgesskolen 2024!

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Norgesskolen is a two week summer school for Norwegian language and culture. We welcome students ages 9 to 18 from all over the world, both beginners and those with previous Norwegian knowledge. Norgesskolen is an opportunity to practice the Norwegian language and get a deeper understanding of Norwegian culture and society.

We teach Norwegian language and culture and have a variety of sports and outdoor activities. Students go on hiking trips and excursions. A stay at Norgesskolen is the beginning of lifelong friendships and is a fun place to learn Norwegian.


The school is a non-profit organization. Norgesskolen does not receive any state funding and is thus financed by school fees.


Students at Norgesskolen will:

  • get comprehensive education in the Norwegian language

  • participate in different sports and seasonal outdoor activities

  • make lifelong friends from all around the world

  • develop the Norwegian part of their identity

  • experience an international environment and learn to overcome cultural barriers in a positive way

  • experience a Norwegian summer or winter

Maïka, 18

Norgesskolen gave me much more than just the language; Norgesskolen gave me the taste of being Norwegian (...) 

For four years of my life, Norgesskolen meant everything to me. As soon as it was over, I thought about next year. I had so many experiences that my “regular” life at home suddenly became… just boring.

Sondre, 17

Norgesskolen for me has been one of the greatest experiences and something I will never forget. I have met friends for life. Even though the people at Norgesskolen are spread all around the world, we keep in touch via internet and I can’t wait to see them again next summer.

Andrine, 15

Three weeks was too short. I had such a fantastic experience that I wish I could have stayed longer. I came to develop my Norwegian, experience Norwegian culture, prepare and eat Norwegian food, try Norwegian outdoor life and of course see the Norwegian world famous serie SKAM!


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