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Practical information

On this page you will find practical information about meals, packing, digital devices and illness. For more frequently asked questions, click here. If you can't find the answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail.

Why this time and date? 

  • Norgesskolen was founded in 2003. 2023 will mark the 20 year anniversary, and what better way to commemorate this than by inviting youth to attend a winter school - in addition to the traditional summer school!

  • Teachers in Norway are on winter break from school. This allows them to work at Norgesskolen Winter.

  • Typically, this part of winter season is stable with cold weather and snow. 

Bon appétit! Or, as we say in Norway, vær så god!

Our private chef will prepare all of our meals at Solstua. We will follow a Norwegian traditional diet. All meals will be enjoyed in the dining room by a warm fireplace. The Norwegian diet contains a lot of bread, which may be unfamiliar to many. Please let us know about any food allergies, vegetarian or vegan needs, and we will make sure to accommodate. The kitchen will do their best to provide our students with a rich choice of good quality food.



in Norway, we have a popular saying: "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". The weather during Norwegian winters can vary. As long as you are prepared, you can be comfortable anywhere.

The key to staying warm in cold climates is dressing in layers. Dressing in layers means starting with a base layer (like thermal underwear or wool) and stacking layers of subsequently heavier clothing on top. The advantage of dressing in layers is that you can easily remove heavy top layers if you get too warm and put them back on if you get too cold.

Our suggested packing list


Computers and mobile devices

Students may bring a mobile phone, iPad and laptop with them. However, they should only be used during specified communication hours. During communication hours, students can contact family, chat with friends and play games. Laptops and iPads may also be used when needed in class for educational purposes. The teachers will let the students know when/if needed.


We will take the student to a physician if they get sick. If the condition is serious, we will notify the parents or guardians. If the student is older than 16, there is a fee to be paid for the medical consultation. Norgesskolen usually covers these bills, however we expect the parents to refund extra expenses.

Please make sure to have travel insurance.

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