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Classes and activities


Activities at the school

All of our activities are closely linked to the Norwegian tradition of sports and outdoor life, meaning lots of outdoor fun! The students will experience Norwegian traditions under the guidance of qualified instructors. The activities are an important part of learning Norwegian.

The students will have the possibility to try many different activities. At the beginning of the first week we have group activities to get to know each other and the school area. The afternoon activities vary from day to day, and the students may choose between several activities. We utilize the school facilities and the area around the school. We have a large gym with all types of sports equipment, a climbing wall, a bouldering room and a dance room available. We also offer activities such as sand volleyball, soccer, capture the flag, dodgeball, dance, swimming, canoeing, running and hiking.

Morning gatherings and other gatherings
During the morning gathering, we sing Norwegian songs. This gives the students an understanding of Norwegian culture, and the students will learn both new and older Norwegian songs. This is a very popular activity where everybody enjoys singing along. In previous years, songs such as "Forelska i Lærern" by The Kids and "Gøy på Landet"  have been among student favorites. We also listen to Norwegian pop music.

In the evening, students socialize and eat together in the living room. They may stay outside, in the dorms or go outside the school area with dorm leaders. The students may play billiards, table tennis and various  boardgames in the living room. We also have movie nights. The students also have access to pianos, guitars, drums and a dance room.

Mountain camping hike
The camping trip is always popular. The students hike to the camping site about one and a half hour each way. At the camping site, they can go swimming and enjoy different outdoor games. They learn how to set up and take down a tent. In the evening we barbecue “pinnebrød”, sausages and hamburgers, before we spend the night.


We emphasize a sense of orientation, cooperation and how to behave in the nature. Climbing, camping and hiking are some of the activities where the children experience outdoor life and learn how to enjoy the Norwegian nature.

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