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Our Students

Norgesskolen (summer) welcomes students between the age of 9-18, but we have also had students aged 8 and 19. Norgesskolen Winter has a demographic of youth between 14-19. 

Between 70-90 students from 20-25 different countries attend each summer school, making up a diverse group of international children and youth. Up to 70% are returning students who have previously attended Norgesskolen.

The students come with very different Norwegian language skills – ranging from beginners to those who speak, write and read Norwegian quite well. When dividing students into groups we consider both age and language skills.


Student’s motivation for attending: 

  • Improve their Norwegian

  • Meet new friends with the same background

  • Meet friends from previous summers

  • Enjoy fun sports and outdoor activities

  • Explore the Norwegian part of their identity

  • Experience a Norwegian summer

  • Enjoy our international environment

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